Psalm 68:5-6

5 God, who lives in his holy palace, is a father to orphans,  and he takes care of widows.
6 God provides homes for those who are lonely. He frees people from prison and makes them happy."

Parkway has a heart for people across the globe. We aim to minister to the needy, support gospel preachers, care for children, and coordinate outreach efforts abroad. Please pray for our Missions and the incredible organizations and individuals we partner with that honor the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Active Missionaries

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.

Matthew 28:19

Antonio and Veronica Granera
Jalapa, Nicaragua

Jose and Carolina Bello
Caracas. Venezuela

Roy and Mercy Knight
Chennai, India

Bob and Kelly Brown (LAMB)
Denver, CO & Latin America

Gustavo and Carolina Salazar (LAMB)
Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

Derek and Jennifer King  (VI Church Plants)
Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Canada

Quanei and Wendy Karmue (Save More Kids/Panta Pride)

Brian and Melissa Cooper (New Mexico Christian Children's Home)
Stephenville, Texas

World Spanish Literature Ministry
Wichita Falls, Texas

Save More Kids/Panta Pride

For the past decade, Save More Kids has grown and thrived, which has enabled us to advance our mission on an even greater, more impactful scale. That explains our tremendous excitement in announcing our new parent foundation, Panta Pride, built on the introduction and implementation of an innovative new model that fosters greater independence through embedding the concept of self-sufficiency within the people. We are supremely confident that our new approach will help change lives, one village at a time, and save many more children than collectively we could ever do before.

Agape Villages Foster Family Agency

Children in foster care are in desperate need of a stable, loving home where they can be nurtured and begin to realize their full potential.
Agape Villages is seeking foster families who feel equipped to provide that kind of environment to a foster child.

City of Children

Emilia and Ibrahim Gonzalez - Ensenada, Mexico
All of the children at the City have a story. Most have been abandoned for some reason. Some of their parents have died; some can’t afford to take care of their children or are abusive or neglectful. Most of our children are placed in our home by the Baja Welfare Department (DIF). Some of the children don't know why they are here, but all of them share the same sense of urgency - to love and be loved by caring Christians - and to feel the compassion of God’s people.
Sponsoring is a great blessing to our children and to you as well. It is an awesome responsibility and should be considered through prayer and reliance on the Spirit.  Our children are so precious. They need people who will love them, care for them, and pray for them daily.  Just like you, they want to be remembered on special days such as birthdays, Valentine's Day and Christmas.  They love to receive special notes, cards or gifts from their Americano families.  Sending pictures of you and/or your family is another great way to stay in touch and remind them you are thinking about them.  Most of all, the children love to be visited by their Americano families.  This is when real bonds of love are made. Your involvement in their lives is a true demonstration of your love and your faith. Your actions show the children that they are special and that their life really does matter.(Excerpt from cityofchildren.org)
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