Family Life Ministry

The purpose of the Parkway Family Life Ministry is to prepare, equip, and strengthen Christ-centered singles, marriages, and families through Christian ministries and Godly counseling.
Some of the ways we accomplish these goals are through counseling with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is also a Gospel Preacher and Shepherd. Often during sessions, there will be a lot of listening, observing, and making biblical recommendations. Following these recommendations is very important to the recovery and healing process.
Secondly, marriage and parenting classes will be offered or referred out for a resource. Several at Parkway currently are Growing Kids God’s Way graduates! Some of the tools taught in these classes are Assisting Mom and Dad to get on the same page in regard to parenting and discipline in the home. Raising, morally and healthy children, character development. How to teach your children Principles of Obedience and helping your children to love each other genuinely.
Marriage classes and seminars- the goal is to help two uniquely individual people really become one, sexually, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We offer classes in-house at times and we also attend workshops and seminars to accomplish these results.
We listen, help, and address when we can sensitive concerns like mental health, addictions, abuse, divorce recovery, single parenting, and many more. We address in-house first, then at times we refer out and make appropriate referrals to more specific resources.
We do our absolute best to intervene at the early or moderate stage to avoid having to deal with crisis stage often when members have become discouraged, have little hope and their minds have become hardened.
With God’s power, prayer, and his blessings in these ministries I see nothing but good things ahead for his children at Parkway

Stanley Winters